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Friday, February 27, 2009

Save up to 45% on UK Car Insurance with Car Insurance Direct

Save on UK Car Insurance

Save on UK motor insurance with names and products such as:

Lloyds TSB Car Insurance,
Asda Car Insurance,
Post Office Car Insurance,
RAC Car Insurance,
AA Car Insurance,
AA European Breakdown Cover
Car Insurance for Women ... and more.

Choosing the right Car Insurance

Car insurance, much like anything else, comes in all shapes and sizes, and it's important to ensure you choose the right motor insurance for your vehicle; choosing your car insurance carelessly is a decision you might come to regret.

In fact, according to the Automobile Association, 88% of new AA car insurance customers, taking part in a recent study found their AA car insurance premium was less expensive than the price quoted by their previous motor insurance provider. Of course, cheap doesn't necessarily mean good, and it's no good having a £5 a year car insurance policy if it never actually covers you for anything worth being covered for.

That's why, after a lot of research and obtaining car insurance quotes from dozens of online - and offline - sources, we recommend UK motor insurance only from the following websites:

Save on UK Car Insurance at Lloyds
Lloyds TSB Car Insurance

Save on UK Car Insurance at Asda
Asda Car Insurance

Save on UK Car Insurance at the AA
AA Car Insurance

Save on UK Car Insurance at the UK Post Office
Post Office Car Insurance

Save on UK Car Insurance at the RAC
RAC Car Insurance

Sure, it's easy to find a cheap insurance quote and purchase your car insurance online, but it's really not of much benefit if, when you really need it - after an accident, for example - you phone your car insurance company and they tell you that you're only covered for the first so many miles, or that your motor insurance doesn't cover you for a particular type of accident; believe it or not, there are many car insurance policies just like that. They look great at the time, and maybe right now even you have had the same policy for a year or two, but when it comes to the crunch (possibly literally) you may well find your car insurance company lacking.

Choosing the right Car Insurance is time consuming ...

If you had to individually check each car insurance company for a free quote, in order to find the best car insurance prices, then you'd probably need to take a few days off work to get the quotes, and then hunker down for another few days to study all the information. It's time consuming, right? But you don't have time for all of that, and so you just send in your renewal form from last year for the same car insurance (just because it's easier than finding another car insurance company) or just click on the first car insurance link that you find on the web because it looks like a good deal (forgetting to realise, of course, that they don't tell you all the things the policy lacks) ...

RAC Car Insurance

It's definitely a problem for many people, and that's why, at Car Insurance Direct, we have taken the time to review UK car insurance companies, and their motor insurance policies, in detail. The result is clear, and is what has been obvious to many people for a long time; and that is that many car insurance companies simply do not provide good value for money. It simply isn't right that you can end up in any accident that is not your fault, and yet still end up out-of-pocket because of someone else's carelessness; it's also not right that some car insurance companies - even when your claim is valid, and the insurance company has accepted they are liable - you're then waiting for months on end for your cheque ... and the list goes on. So remember, your car insurance company may often tout some big saving or other, but will rarely be so forthcoming with the limitations of their motor insurance policies. The same is also true for van insurance and motorcycle insurance plans.

Lloyds Car InsuranceWhat we have done is to take all the legwork out of finding car insurance, endeavouring to save you not only a huge amount of time, but also a considerable amount of money.

How do I save money on car insurance, with Car Insurance Direct?

First of all, by choosing to use one of the companies we have already screened for their car insurance coverage, you have already saved money by saving your time. However, it is easier to quantify the money you save by comparing your car insurance quote, from any one of the several motor insurance companies we recommend, to the car insurance premiums you paid last year, with your existing car insurance company.
That's real money. That's money that actually stays in your bank account that you would otherwise have given to your current car insurance company!

Choosing Car Insurance with Car Insurance Direct

So, rather than spending time and wasting money on car insurance that doesn't provide good insurance coverage, and doesn't put your best interests first, we're sure you'd agree that it makes a lot more sense to choose to buy from a car insurance company that comes pre-approved, researched, and one that does put your car and your wallet first. The companies we recommend are on our list of approved car insurance companies for just one good reason. Because they're good. Although some of the companies we recommend are probably not the first names that spring to mind when researching car insurance, they are, nonetheless, companies that offer all types of car insurance (including van insurance and motorcycle insurance), with above-average service, above-average coverage and benefits, but with below-average prices. We think that these criteria alone make these companies worthy of our Car Insurance Direct approved car insurance list.

We Recommend ...

So, you've already spent more time than you intended to researching motor insurance, and now it's time to choose. Here are the steps we recommend, along with our list of preferred car insurance companies:
  • First, bookmark this page, so you can easily find the list of recommended insurance companies again
  • Secondly, visit as many of the five companies we recommend as you can
  • Choose the insurance cover you need, whether it is Fully Comprehensive, Third Party only or Fire & Theft protection
  • At each of the sites, request your free car insurance quote, and save the quote
  • After visiting all five sites, and getting insurance quotes from each, simply go with the one that best suits your needs

... and, after that, we hope you'll recommend this page to someone else who you'd like to save money on car insurance.

Car Insurance Direct, Recommended Car Insurance Providers

★  Lloyds TSB Car Insurance
★  Asda Car Insurance
★  AA Car Insurance
★  Post Office Car Insurance
★  RAC Car Insurance

Remember, these are companies that are pre-researched; we've already done the hard work so that you don't have to. However, definitely check the policies as thoroughly as you want to with each of the companies, but we're confident that, when you purchase car insurance from any one of our recommended list of motor insurance companies, you'll not be disappointed.

Car Insurance Benefits and Features

Here are just some of the features and benefits you'll find with the car insurance providers we have recommended:

* A dedicated UK claimline that is available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year

* Save time with quick and secure online motor insurance quotes

* A courtesy car while your car is being repaired by an approved repairer

* Windscreen and window repairs with no loss of your no-claims discount

* Fast, friendly, expert claims service

* Generous No Claims Discount

* Save on your car insurance by including RAC breakdown service

* Easy monthly payments option

* Optional breakdown cover

* Personal accident cover up to £7,500

* Medical expenses up to £300 per person (£400 if you're an AA member)

* 35% discount off AA Breakdown Cover when you buy with AA car insurance online

* Assistance with overnight accommodation or onward transport following an accident

* Hire car option, should the worst happen, and you become stranded

* Show you car insurance policy features and benefits before you get a quote, so you know what cover you'll get

* Get the best possible car insurance quote from a panel of leading insurers

* Choice of cover, between fully comprehensive or third-party fire and theft

* Get fully comprehensive cover with a truly comprehensive range of policy features and benefits

* Get the best price from dozens of top insurers with a single click

* Quality car insurance you can rely on

UK Car Insurance for Women

Like it or not, sexual discrimination within the car insurance business is as rife as anywhere else. The bottom line is that women do not always get a great deal when it comes to car insurance in the UK. If you don't think it's fair that a woman, of the same age, living in the same area, with the exact same driving record, and driving the same vehicle, pays more for her driving insurance than the equivalent male, then nor do we. In fact, it's far from right, and so we set out to find the car insurance company and motor policy that offered women the best deals.

So, if you, like us, think that women should be treated equally when it comes to car insurance, then join the club. In fact all of the five companies on our Car Insurance Direct list provide good insurance for both men and women alike, but if one company deserves special mention, then ASDA Car Insurance surely merits it, and consistently makes the grade.

Nonetheless, don't think that ASDA car insurance is only for women. It definitely isn't, and men will also reap the rewards when choosing to sign up with ASDA car insurance.

ASDA Car Insurance for Women

Other Car Insurance Providers

There are, of course, dozens of other car insurance providers (many of them listed below), and these are all the companies that you would otherwise have needed to navigate had you wanted to do all the research yourself. However, our five recommended car insurance providers automatically search dozens of these motor insurance firms to try and obtain the best quote for you.

So, by taking the time to try and ensure that the five Car Insurance Direct "Top 5" companies search as many of these companies as possible, we have not only chosen the best insurance companies for you, but also eliminated the need for you to even visit the others.

  • A J Insurance Service

  • AA Car Insurance

  • AAMI

  • Admiral Car Insurance

  • Adrian Flux Car Insurance

  • AIG Motor Insurance

  • Allianz Cornhill Car Insurance

  • Allied Car Insurance

  • Allied Irish Bank car Insurance

  • Argos Car Insurance

  • Asda Car Insurance

  • Ashbourne Car Insurance

  • Auto Direct Car Insurance

  • AXA Car Insurance

  • Barclays Car Insurance

  • Bell Car Insurance

  • Black Circles Car Insurance

  • BMW Car Insurance

  • BP Car Insurance

  • Budget Car Insurance

  • Central Car Insurance

  • Churchill Car Insurance

  • CIS Car Insurance

  • Co-Op Car Insurance

  • Confused Car Insurance

  • CSMA Car Insurance

  • Dial Direct Car Insurance

  • Diamond Car Insurance

  • Direct Choice Car Insurance

  • Direct Line Car Insurance
  • easyMoney Car Insurance

  • eCar Insurance

  • Egg Car Insurance

  • Elephant Car Insurance

  • Endsleigh Car Insurance

  • Equity Red Star Car Insurance

  • Esure Car Insurance

  • Firebond Car Insurance

  • First Alternative Car Insurance

  • Fortis Car Insurance

  • Frizzell Car Insurance

  • Geico Car Insurance

  • GSI Car Insurance

  • Halifax Car Insurance

  • Hastings Direct Car Insurance

  • Herts Classic Car Insurance

  • Highway Car Insurance

  • Home Approved

  • HSBC Car Insurance

  • I Buy Eco Car Insurance

  • IFA Auto Car

  • Insurance 4U Car Insurance


  • Car Insurance

  • Insure It All Car Insurance

  • Insure Your Motor Car Insurance


  • Its 4 Me Car Insurance

  • Kwik-Fit Car Insurance

  • Lady Bird Insurance
  • Lady Motor

  • Lancaster Insurance

  • Lifesure Motor Insurance

  • Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance

  • Lloyds TSB Car Insurance

  • Markerstudy Car Insurance

  • MasterQuote Car Insurance

  • Mercury Auto Insurance

  • Metlife Auto & Home

  • Mini Cover Car Insurance

  • MissCar Car Insurance

  • MMA Car Insurance

  • More Than Car Insurance

  • My Motor Quote

  • National Farmers Union Car Insurance

  • NIG Car Insurance

  • Norwich Union Direct Car Insurance

  • One Call Car Insurance

  • Performance Direct Car Insurance

  • Post Office Car Insurance

  • Privilege Car Insurance

  • Provident Car Insurance

  • Prudential Car Insurance

  • Quinn-Direct Car Insurance

  • Quote Line Direct Car Insurance

  • Quote Zone

  • QuoteA Car Insurance

  • RAC Car Insurance

  • Response Car Insurance

  • Royal and Sun Alliance Car Insurance
  • Royal Bank of Scotland Car Insurance

  • Saga Car Insurance

  • Sainsburys Car Insurance

  • Screentrade Car Insurance

  • Shearwater Car Insurance

  • Sheilas Wheels Car Insurance

  • Simple Cover Car Insurance

  • Skoda Insurance Services

  • Southern Rock Car Insurance

  • State Farm Car Insurance

  • Sureterm Direct Car Insurance

  • Swiftcover Car Insurance

  • Swinton Car Insurance

  • Tesco Car Insurance

  • The Green Insurance Company

  • The Insurance Centre Car Insurance

  • The Policy Shop

  • Vauxhall Car Insurance

  • Virgin Car Insurance

  • Western General Insurance Company

  • Yes Car Insurance


  • Young Lady Driver Car Insurance

  • Zenith Car Insurance

  • Zurich Car Insurance

  • Save on UK Car Insurance at Lloyds

    Lloyds TSB Car Insurance

    Save on UK Car Insurance at Asda

    Asda Car Insurance

    Save on UK Car Insurance at the AA

    AA Car Insurance

    Save on UK Car Insurance at the UK Post Office

    Post Office Car Insurance

    Save on UK Car Insurance at the RAC

    RAC Car Insurance

    Motor Insurance or Car Insurance ...

    Buying insurance can be confusing enough on its own, but let's set one thing straight, and remove at least one confusion. Almost in every instance that you read the term "motor insurance" you can substitute the term "car insurance"; they are, effectively, the same thing. However, in a more general sense, the term motor insurance might be used to include other types of insurance, such as van insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, or motorcycle insurance as well as car insurance. Meanwhile, the term car insurance obviously means just that. However, on saying that, most car insurance companies that provide car insurance, generally provide the other types of insurance too, with the possible exception of commercial vehicle insurance, where it may be necessary to seek a dedicated commercial vehicle insurer. Even so, many UK insurance companies, including some of those on our Car Insurance Direct list, do offer vehicle insurance for the self-employed, etc, or small businesses, such as plumbers, landscape gardeners, and other service professionals.

    Car Insurance or Car Assurance ...

    This one is easy. It's always called "car insurance" as opposed to being called car assurance. It's easy for some people to confuse the terms though, and especially since many insurance companies do also sell assurance products. However, when referring to assurance, in relation to finance and insurance, then the reference is usually related to life assurance, which is a product many insurance companies offer (besides life insurance, which is another type of product they offer). Nonetheless, for "car assurance" you should instead refer to "car insurance".

    AA Car Insurance

    Fully Comprehensive, Third Party only or Fire & Theft protection?

    The question of whether to choose fully comprehensive car insurance, third party only car insurance, fire & theft car insurance, or third party fire and theft insurance, is more tricky. It also depends on a variety of criteria. Firstly, it depends on what you can afford; if you can only afford third party vehicle insurance, then there's no point in pondering whether you should be getting fully comprehensive vehicle insurance. However, as you might expect, fully comprehensive motor insurance covers you for a whole lot more than simply fire & theft insurance (which covers exactly what it suggests - fire which damages your vehicle, and the theft of your vehicle). Most people that obtain third-party vehicle insurance also obtain fire & theft insurance within the same policy, and that's why you hear people often referring to "third-party, fire and theft;" however, with most types of third-party insurance, you're covered only for accidents which someone else causes; if you should happen to cause an accident yourself, and you don't have fully-comprehensive insurance, then you could be looking at huge bills (not just for your vehicle, and the other person's vehicle, but if they decided to sue you for damages, then ... well, you get the picture).

    So, in general, if you can afford to buy fully-comprehensive coverage, then it's almost always a good idea to do so. Some insurance companies, including those we list, allow payment of your car insurance premiums in installments, and so, even if you may not be able to afford to pay for your entire year's premiums all at once, you may be able to pay monthly, in which case you may well be able to afford fully-comprehensive car insurance.

    The Bottom Line ...

    The bottom line is that obtaining car insurance can be time consuming, and complex. However, having taken the time to research dozens of different vehicle insurance policies, from dozens of motor insurance companies, we have whittled down our list of approved car insurance companies to just five.

    While not neccesarily best-known for car insurance, these companies, with their comprehensive policies, affordable pricing, excellent customer service, and their proven ability to deliver, have shown that they merit their place on the Car Insurance Direct Top 5, and we highly recommend each of these companies to you for your next car insurance policy:

    ★  Lloyds TSB Car Insurance
    ★  Asda Car Insurance
    ★  AA Car Insurance
    ★  Post Office Car Insurance
    ★  RAC Car Insurance

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